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2010/03/16 upgrade!

WordPress integrated into Zen Cart

It is the module which can display WordPress on ZenCart.
WordPress is weblog software of an open source.

You can do blog on ZenCart by introducing this module.
Because it supports RSS feed, truck back, update ping, it can expect improvement of usability, access up.
In addition, by a page function of WordPress, You can make the pages such as the company profile without any restriction.

The system which I tested

zen-cart-v1.3.8a + wordpress-2.9.3

A difference of free editon & professional editon

As for the free edition, credit and the advertisement of the copyright are displayed, but have you use it free. In a design, the one that wants to delete these please order professional editon. professional editon is charged. It is very easy, and the shift of professional editon has you just use the post data from a free edition. (You don't need the uninstallation)
The difference of both is only a footer design as I stated it above. It is recommended to have you order professional editon since it has you test it in a free edition enough.


Please backup before install.
Even if any kind of damage occurs by use, an author does not take responsibility for all.For deficiency of a program, an author does not bear duty to correct.
If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments, or if you found a bug, please use this forum.

In addition, I cannot answer it even if I have emails because I am weak in English. Please understand it.

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Please use a shopping cart, when you want to professional editon.

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by Zen-Fu Date Added: 02/02/2008 Single mode

This is one of the best Zen Cart mods ever!
by Jay Date Added: 11/16/2007 Single mode

Hey Thanks a lot for this module man! This module rocks! Its something I have been searching for qui
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