WordPress On ZenCart v1.4 Release!
I tested Zen-Cart 1.3.8 & WordPress 2.8.6. It is the most recent version of the present.
Zen-Cart 1.3.8 & WordPress 2.8.6
The update content is as follows.

  • Supports WordPress 2.8.6 & widgets.
  • Change it so that it is put a header of WordPress in a Zen-Cart template.
  • Add a default theme for woz(woz_default).
  • Add [Physical Path To WordPress] investigation script (check_path.php) for installation assistance.
  • Profit by a zen_href_link function in a link.
  • Change the specifications that ‘index.php?main_page=wordpress’ becomes ‘/?’.
  • Link ahead revises one part of the problems to become the ‘/?’.
  • Fixed the bug that a breadcrumb and page title cannot get.