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Checked ZenCart v1.3.9f with WordPress v3.0.1

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I installed WOZ v1.5 on ZenCart v1.3.9f with WordPress v3.0.1 and almost seems to work fine so far. In addition, the SEO module is non-inspection. http://demo.s-page.net/woz/en_v139/ZC_ROOT/index.php?main_page=wordpress

The solution of the shipping estimator problem with WOZ v1.5

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The solution of the shipping estimator problem with WOZ v1.5 Please edit 2 files. includes/init_includes/init_woz.php if (!defined(‘IS_ADMIN_FLAG’)) { die(‘Illegal Access’); } if (defined(‘WOZ_CONFIG_STATUS’) && WOZ_CONFIG_STATUS == ‘true’) { to if (!defined(‘IS_ADMIN_FLAG’)) { die(‘Illegal Access’); } if(substr($_GET['main_page'],0,6) == ‘popup_’){ define(‘WOZ_IGNORE_FLAG’, true); }else if (defined(‘WOZ_CONFIG_STATUS’) && WOZ_CONFIG_STATUS == ‘true’) { includes/templates/template_default/templates/tpl_modules_wordpress_header.php if (defined(‘WOZ_CONFIG_STATUS’) && WOZ_CONFIG_STATUS == ‘true’) [...]

A method to use WOZ v1.5 and Ultimate SEO URLs

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Open /includes/init_includes/init_woz.php Please edit a red part Code: require_once(ABSPATH . ‘wp-config.php’); wp(); if ($_GET['main_page'] == FILENAME_WORDPRESS && ( is_feed() || is_trackback() )) { gzip_compression(); require_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/template-loader.php’); exit(); } Open includes\classes\ssu\cores\link.php Please add a red part Code: // if the index.php is in the url, lets see if we need to rebuild the [...]

WordPress On ZenCart v1.5 Released!

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I released WordPress On ZenCart(WOZ) v1.5 today. Whats New In WOZ v1.5. It supported WordPress 2.9.2. It supported SSL with a header of WordPress. I added a WOZ Manager(installer) and WOZ Setting. I added a “Ceon URI Mapping Setting” in WOZ Manager. I gathered a header of wordpress in one file. I did the design [...]

WOZ demo site is opened to the public.

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The demonstration site of WOZ(WordPress On ZenCart) is opened to the public. http://demo.s-page.net/woz/en/ Zen-Cart v1.38a with RSS Feed and ceon uri mapping

ZenCart On XOOPS v1.35 Released!

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I released ZenCart On XOOPS(ZOX) v1.35 today. Whats New In ZOX v1.35. Applied Security Patch v138 20090619 Added an infomation for change of admin directory in readme.

ZenCart On XOOPS -English Version- Released!

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I released ZenCart On XOOPS(ZOX) -English Version- today. It is the module which can display Zen-Cart on XOOPS. Zen-Cart is an open source application for online shop. XOOPS is an open source application for community portal.

WordPress On ZenCart v1.4 Release!

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WordPress On ZenCart v1.4 Release! I tested Zen-Cart 1.3.8 & WordPress 2.8.6. It is the most recent version of the present. The update content is as follows. Supports WordPress 2.8.6 & widgets. Change it so that it is put a header of WordPress in a Zen-Cart template. Add a default theme for woz(woz_default). Add [Physical [...]

A combination test of Zen-Cart v1.3.8 and WordPress 2.5.

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It is after a long absence. [ it doesn't seem to work with the latest versions of WordPress and Zen Cart. ] Because I had the inquiry mentioned above, I tested it. The environment that I tested is as follows. Install URL:http://demo.s-page.net/woz/zen-cart-v1.3.8a/ Zen-Cart >>> zen-cart-v1.3.8a-full-fileset-12112007.zip Path of Zen-Cart:woz/zen-cart-v1.3.8a WordPress >>> wordpress-2.5.zip Path of WordPress:woz/wordpress_25 Tried [...]

WordPress On ZenCart v1.301 Release!

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[WordPress On ZenCart] v1.3 Release! Because there were many users who failed by installation, I considered the point. This update content is as follows. –Screenshots addition in docs. –wordpress-config.txt deletion & wordpress-config.php addition. –Installation check function addition. –(not found page addition and language file reading bugfix)